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Box Office Ticket Sales Review

I'm really excited to be able to share this review and recommendation with you today. Here's the quick back-story on how I found the great Box Office Ticket Sales website.

If you're not aware, right now P!nk is touring, and my wife and I are both big fans of her music. When we heard she was on tour, we immediately decided that we had to see her show, but we wanted to see it somewhere that we hadn't been before. We've also been wanting to visit New York for the first time, so when we saw that she's playing a venue there, we decided that is where we want to see her show. is the site that's officially handling ticket distribution for her shows, but when we went there we couldn't find any good seats for a reasonable price. That's when I started searching and found the Box Office Ticket Sales site. This site got us great seats, and the best part is that they cost me the same as I would have paid at that other site for worse seats!


Find the best deals on Concert and Sports tickets here!

What Box Office Ticket Sales does is essentially provide a central location for various ticket distribution/liquidation websites to post tickets that they have for sale. Basically, for whatever major entertainment event you can think of, concerts, sports, shows, etc, there are a whole bunch of tickets set aside for various distributors to sell--tickets that most people don't even get a chance to have unless they know where to get them!

Well, I'm telling you where to get them: Box Office Ticket Sales!

And the best part is that BOTS 100% guaruntees the tickets you buy. If the company that you end up buying your tickets from through the Box Office Ticket Sales website does not hold up their end of the bargain, BOTS will get you equivelant or better tickets!

The website has a great interface to browse the arena that you're buying tickets for so that you know what kind of seats you're getting, and filtering down to the exact types of tickets you want is easy and intuitive.

I ordered my tickets there, and in minutes I had my order confirmation from the company I ended up being linked to through the website. Shortly after that, I got a FedEx notification that they'd be picking up and delivering my tickets (all of this happened on a weekend, by the way). A couple of days later, I had my tickets in-hand.

And Box Office Ticket Sales doesn't do just concerts, they also do sporting events and theatre events!

Good Recommendations Summary

I am really really happy with the service that I received through Box Office Ticket Sales, and I highly recommend them. You can use the service to find all kinds of tickets to all kinds of events, and they back it all with a 100% guarantee.